Should You Tip your Taxi Driver & How Much?

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Every time you get into a taxi, you are confused whether to tip or not. It is also a concerning point among travelers as to how much they should tip. The practices typically vary from one place to another, but you should consider some points before determining whether to tip your taxi driver and how much.

The General Rule

Usually, 15% to 20% of the fare is seen as a good amount, but you may tip differently based on your experience. Your experience matters and how much extra the driver gets depends on how you feel after having traveled in their taxi.

So consider the following factors when determining the quality of your experience.

Driver’s Conduct

If you find a taxi driver who is courteous and helpful, you can consider giving him better tip. If the driver is disrespectful, doesn’t answer your queries, or spends time talking on the cell phone, you should consider whether to tip them or not. You should get out of the cab if they don’t behave well or drive recklessly.

Taking You to Destination on Time

One thing that differentiates experienced taxi drivers from newbies is that they know which routes are more efficient. If your driver takes you to your destination on time, you should seriously consider giving a better tip. If you notice that they have taken an unnecessarily long route, you should consider either not tipping or tipping low.

If the driver avoids traffic problems and still takes you to your destination on time, they deserve some respect in terms of better tip. When the driver saves you time, they are also reducing the fare. It is also a sign of an honest taxi driver.

Do They Help You?

Many taxi drivers don’t help with luggage. If your driver helps you, you should consider tipping them better. There are more ways a driver can help you. If you are new to the place, ask for advice on sites you can visit. You can tip them more if they provide you valuable advice.

How much you tip a taxi driver is a measure of how much you are satisfied with their service. Although 15-20% is the norm in most places, you can determine the percentage based on what kind of experience you had. Based on what you tip, the taxi driver will know whether you rewarded them or you were not satisfied with them.