How Businesses Can Save Time & Money with Corporate Taxi Accounts?

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Executive transportation is one of the key factors contributing to your business’ efficiency. Every minute your executives lose can mean lost money. Why waste hours every week in just arranging transportation for your key employees and clients when you can sign up for a corporate taxi account and save both time and money. There are so many reasons why this is an efficient and effective strategy for businesses.

Keep Track of Your Employee Movement

One of the advantages of having a corporate taxi account is that it will help you keep track of the rides of each one of your employees. Every time someone rides a taxi, it will be recorded into the database. You will be able to evaluate the expenses and thus be able to measure employee performance. Many taxi services companies issue cards against each employee. This makes tracking much easier.

You can also set limits on how much an employee can spend on traveling every month. Once the limit is reached, the taxi company will contact you for further instructions. This can further help you in keeping your expenses in check.

Get Monthly Invoices

When you have a corporate taxi account, you pay the company once in a month. There is no need to manage daily payments. Monthly invoices will provide detailed information about each ride along with date and time. Another advantage is that you will not have to pursue the receipts of each and every ride. The invoices allow you to keep track of all the information and apply to tax deductions with utmost ease.

You can pay the invoices on a due date or on an automatic basis, whatever is convenient for you.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Having a corporate taxi account with one taxi company can also increase your employees’ and clients safety. Reputable taxi companies follow stringent vetting processes when hiring drivers. Besides, they will be more responsible when providing services to their corporate accounts. Their reputation depends on it.

When you have a corporate taxi account, a taxi service can be booked in advance. Whether it’s picking up your executives and dropping at the airport or picking your clients from the airport, you will know that the taxi will be waiting for your employees and clients. This will make your clients feel special while also saving everyone their valuable time. The taxi company will be extra cautious to ensure that their services are delivered on a timely basis.